About Us

Currently, we are serving 100+ types of momos along with 30+ shakes and mocktails. The journey started with roadside stall, a few years ago it got the wings to reality in the year 2013 when the first shop was opened at Gomti Nagar. Nainital momos season2 came into existence in the year 2016. Nainital momos are the Lucknow’s first restaurant for momos. Nainital Momos brings South Asian fast food to Lucknow as well as Allahabad. Momo is mouthwatering dumpling which has a nice blend of spice & minced meat, served with tomato sauce. Try Momos today for delicious, authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine, featuring a wide variety of traditional curry dishes and of course our famous momos.


Choco Lava

Soprano Momo

Barbeque Italian Tandoori

Magic Masala Momo